Pay directly

You have the option to transfer the entire amount to us via Electronic Banking. Go to `transfer money yourself' where you will find the correct bank account number for your mortgage broker. Please make sure to mention your loan number.


As per 1 February 2014 all banks transitioned to SEPA, an international payment system. This means that you have been assigned an IBAN bank account number. If you are going to transfer funds, you must make sure that you enter the correct number for the bank account that you want to transfer money to.

1. Payment arrangement

If you want an arrangement of several terms, we advise you to contact us by telephone on 033-422 9411. In this case we see if we can make the appropriate arrangements with you.

2. Transfer money yourself

If your mortgage broker is not listed here or if you prefer to transfer the money via your own bank you can do so. However, please make sure you mention your loan number. Below is a list of the IBAN bank account numbers (rekeningnummers):

Acier Financieringen
NL30 ABNA 0565 8680 47
Acier Financieringen
NL88 ABNA 0410 3798 83

Colibri Capital
NL55 ABNA 0492 4045 50
Colibri Finance
NL92 ABNA 0509 5219 59
NL04 ABNA 0468 3592 65

NL19 ABNA 0427 0935 46
MoneYou B.V.
NL83 RABO 0100 9062 06

Lloyds Bank
NL70 RABO 0184 3552 49
Efima Hypotheken B.V.
NL31 ABNA 0642 9935 05
Houtvaart Hypotheken B.V.
NL59 ABNA 0237 3141 69
Reaal Hypotheken B.V.
NL14 ABNA 0415 2201 57
Reaal Levensverzekeringen
NL65 ABNA 0503 3949 55
St. Spoorweg Pensioenfonds
NL60 ABNA 0641 2036 24
Roparco Hypotheken
NL53 RABO 0115 3808 92
Tulp Hypotheken
NL02 ABNA 0554 6120 89
NL52 INGB 0654 7971 96
Venn Hypotheken
NL44 ABNA 0408 2547 26
WestlandUtrecht Bank
NL45 INGB 0000 2281 30