Ethical Manifest


Minimising payment problems for our customers 


In our line of work, we deal with customers with financial problems. We want to do whatever we can to ensure that our customers can make their payments and are not faced with problems. That’s why we have drawn up 10 rules on how we treat our customers. 


  1. We respect our customers.
  2. We treat our customers the way we expect others to treat us.
  3. We do whatever we can to ensure customers can make their payments.
  4. We provide our customers with clear information about the services we offer.
  5. We make clear agreements with our customers about the services they will receive and how they must pay.
  6. On our website customers can find information about what will happen if they don’t pay.
  7. If we know that a customer has financial problems, we refer them to aid workers. In doing so, we always abide by the privacy laws and regulations.
  8. Customers can rely on us to treat them fairly. If the situation is the same, we will treat the people who are involved in the same way. Yet, if the situations differ, this calls for a different approach.
  9. Some customers cannot pay. Together with them we will try to find a solution. Clients who don't want to pay can expect us to treat them fairly but strictly.
  10. In our organisation, we have arrangements in place about what we do to collect money from customers who don’t pay. These arrangements are in line with the contents of the Ethical Manifest. 


We made these rules together with the Ambitiecoalitie van Schuldeisers (Ambition coalition of creditors). These creditors apply a different work method for customers with payment problems. 

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