Budget advice

On the website of Nibud you will be able to find some useful tips for organising your financial administration and preventing payment problems. For instance, you could tighten up your budget by setting priorities or limit any unnecessary expenses. Nibud will be able to provide handy tips to help you get started. »


Tax refund

Every month, a certain amount of money is deducted from your salary for tax. You can request to have a share of that amount refunded. When you fill out your annual tax return form, you can apply for a tax refund. In addition to your annual refund, you can also apply for interim refunds on your salary deductions. To apply for interim refunds, also referred to as a temporary refund, you will need to contact the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. »


Debt assistance

The NVVK can offer you advice on how to balance your income and expenses. There are several things you can do. A municipal credit bank or city bank can help you find out whether you are eligible for a payment plan, refinancing or an amicable debt repayment scheme. Or you could consider having a budget manager or administrator temporarily
manage your finances. Visit the website of the NVVK
for more information on this subject. »


Nationale Hypotheek Garantie - National Mortgage Guarantee

If you have a mortgage that is covered by a National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) you might be able to qualify for one of the financial tools that the NGH has to offer. This could be an option if you are temporarily faced with payment problems, or if your house is sold and the proceeds of the sale were insufficient to cover the mortgage.
We can offer you advice on what to do in these situations. For more information
on this subject, go to


Information about the Bureau Krediet Registratie [Credit Registration Agency] (BKR)

You can check with the Bureau Krediet Registratie to see if you are registered there. If so, they will be able to send you a statement showing which loans you have taken out. This statement will also show if you have any late payments and/or specific codings. »


WSNP (Wet Schuldsanering Natuurlijke Personen - Debt Assistance Natural Persons)

Are you in dire straits as a result of your debts? In that case you might be eligible for “WSNP”. To qualify, a debt assistance procedure will need to be initiated. During this process, an attempt will be made to reach a payment agreement with all parties involved. If this fails, your personal situation will be evaluated to check whether you are eligible for WSNP. If you have any questions on this subject, please go to »

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